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Physician, author, and speaker, Dr. James Kneller is a thought leader in the fields of human potential and personal performance. With doctoral and post-doctoral training from leading universities including McGill, Columbia, and UCLA, Kneller has special expertise in the fundamental mechanisms of individual energy. Dr. Kneller explains how we live in a universe that is governed by quantum principles. Through both conscious intent and the electromagnetic aura we broadcast, each person is observing reality into existence at every moment. We can learn to create and experience what we most desire. In addition to his busy practice, Kneller maintains a busy speaking schedule while providing personal consultation and coaching. Dr. Kneller is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in clinical cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular disease, and internal medicine. He is a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS).

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My pacemaker is awesome!

Hi prof Kneller. I am an from Egypt, and Iam eating lemons every day for 5 years now, its great in all aspects. I knew that from one of my patients with class 4 heart failure. He had a CRT SUDDENLY he showed much symptomatic improvement he was using less medications doses after he started eating lemons. I couldn't believe it but it was true. One more thing i use blinder to prepare 2 limons freshly daily. And i add it to sandwiches. In the beginning some hyperacidiy and teethach but later the gums become healthier as well as the mucosa of the stomach. I don't have heart burns. Better hair and skin. Resistance to cold. Better energy and may many things. People who threw away lemon's peal are throwing a health

Hisham Saif


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