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The Happy Wanderer

It seems intuitive that a walk in nature changes your body and soul but now we have science giving evidence supporting our desires to get outside.
Eating Your Best

How Not to Die!

Unless you have been under a rock you have heard of the book How Not to Die, by Michael Greger, M.D. (written with Gene Stone). Love it or hate it, the book is everywhere. I admit it, I was a
Healthy Living


There’s a lot going on in my life right now, work, for one, that’s big. Then there are the relationships with family and friends. Errands to run, laundry is piling up, my phone is ringing, my
Healthy Living

Road trip!

Whether or not you are in the throes of keeping kids occupied, you can feel the weather warming up and are probably getting bitten, not just by mosquitoes, but also by the travel bug. Alas, work
Healthy Living

Stand Up!

My job involves a lot of standing. I stand during procedures, I stand during hospital rounds and patient consultations, I am up and down during meetings. And then, I sit. Sit at the computer, sit
Eating Your Best

Vitamin K2, the Nitty Gritty

A week ago I was lamenting missing the final days of the snowboard season. I had to keep my hand in a splint for a week to facilitate recovery after surgery to repair a broken bone. By next week
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