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Supplementing with grape seed extract

Physician colleagues and Dr. Kneller personally use OPCs+95 from Jarrow Formulas on a daily basis, and suggests this product to patients and colleagues when asked for recommendations. This
Eating Your Best

Breakfast – Is it That Important?

I like breakfast. At least I’ve learned to like it. Or rather, learned to eat it. Beans on toast, that’s probably the best thing I can think of for breakfast. Followed by quite a bit of coffee. 
Healthy Living

Strength Training for Cardiac Health

Get walking, hiking, biking, running… do more aerobic exercise, it’s good for your heart. That’s true! And now evidence is coming to light that strength training is beneficial also, and might

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Nurturing your brain with Ultimate Omega

Dr. Kneller personally uses UltimateOmega by Nordic Natural, and suggests this product to patients and colleagues when asked for recommendations. This product has demonstrated improved nerve and
Eating Your Best

Supplements for heart health

There’s no doubt that a healthy diet is essential for optimal heart health. But there are also a number of factors that make nutritional supplementation an important part of maintaining a healthy
Eating Your Best


Vitamin K – still relevant Almost three years ago now I wrote about vitamin K and it’s relationship to bone and arterial health. To recap, vitamin K – necessary for preventing osteoporosis and
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