Why do people do a double-take (funny look) when I tell them that Warfarin, that stops heart attacks, is rat poison?

“It is true that warfarin may be used as rat poison. If rats take large
amounts of warfarin, they are likely to bleed internally and die. The
same would be true for humans who overdose on warfarin. This is why warfarin levels are monitored very closely with INR testing.”

Pharmacology: Why are so many drugs contraindicated to use with warfarin? What kind of interactions does it cause?
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“Why do people suffer from heart attacks in cases of emotional trauma? Although, different from the normal opinion of emotions being controlled by the heart, emotions and sentiments seem to be controlled by the brain. See: What controls human emotions and sentiments? In that case, why does the heart suffer from an attack. Why doesn’t it affect the brain instead?”
“If a cardiac electrophysiologist is looking at an EKG signal, what would he be looking for to reliably classify AFIB events in the signal?”
In electrophysiology, what is a P/N voltage protocol?
“In case of a heart attack, is there anything you should know or do that might help yourself? Apart from allerting those around you and calling emergency, anything you might do that could improve your chances?”
What is a Mediterranean Diet?
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