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I am feeling wonderful!

Patient loves supplements and health tips!

I feel great after my pacemaker because my heart is beating normally again!

Patient thankful for her pacemaker!

An email to me adds my wonderful feeling that my doctor really cares about his patients because he goes above and beyond with just more information for you.

My doctor really cares!

I enjoy reading your research news! I’ve been taking most of the supplements on the list you suggested, after my ablation nearly 2 years ago. I noticed a change in my veracious vein by an ankle that I was told would need to be cauterized! Lacking the medical term 😁  it would “pooch” out & was easy to nick and spray blood everywhere...hard to stop. It has all but disappeared and  is smooth! Thank you ❤

Pam Ruby

Hi prof Kneller. I am an electrophysiologist from Egypt, and Iam eating lemons every day for 5 years now, its great in all aspects. I knew that from one of my patients with class 4 heart failure. He had a CRT SUDDENLY he showed much symptomatic improvement he was using less medications doses after he started eating lemons. I couldn't believe it but it was true. One more thing i use blinder to prepare 2 limons freshly daily. And i add it to sandwiches. In the beginning some hyperacidiy and teethach but later the gums become healthier as well as the mucosa of the stomach. I don't have heart burns. Better hair and skin. Resistance to cold. Better energy and may many things. People who threw away lemon's peal are throwing a health

Hisham Saif

I really enjoy Dr Kneller's videos and information. I heard him speak at the Camp Hope, in Hope, BC a couple of years ago, and learned so much, I didn't miss one of his classes, and I continue to learn from his knowledge and experience every time he post's on Facebook. I feel confident that I will never personally need a cardiologist because I am heeding the advice and continue to learn from him, and others, and implement the knowledge into my daily life. I'm very grateful for the shares, and I hope they will reach even one person who takes the time to read or listen to his videos.


In Sept 2014 Dr Keller performed an extremely difficult ablation on me to correct Afib that had been ongoing on and off for 15 years through 2 prior ablations,8 cardioversions ,a pacemaker and all of the arrhythmia drugs. At this point, March 2016, I am over 99 % free of Afib with occasional instances, primarily lasting a few seconds. Through the process I saw that Dr Keller is gifted not just in intellect and skill but in patient concern and care as well. I want to maintain my status as a patient for follow up although he has moved from the organization where the ablation was performed. Thank you

Darl Judd

Dr. JAMES KNELLER, saved my husband’s life, and has changed our lives, in so many ways! Before he installed KEN’S PACE MAKER, he could barely walk, now we have become WORLD TRAVELLERS! We have been to EUROPE several times, to GREECE, 3 times, ITALY twice, on 4 VIKING RIVER BOAT CRUISES, and have 2 more VIKING trips in 2018. In MAY we are going from Amsterdam to BASIL, SWITZERLAND, for 3 weeks, and then in SEPTEMBER, for 3 weeks, and then in SEPTEMBER, we are going to VIETNAM, and sailing with VIKING on the MEKONG RIVER.

We spend our winters in MOLOKAI, HAWAII, for 6 months, then our summers when we are not cruising, we travel in our 40 foot Motor Home across the UNITED STATES.

We miss you!


Well said, my dear friend. I choose to call my infinite spirit a higher power, and I love “they will come because of your energy”. I believe all these things because I have experienced them, at varying degrees. I believe in transcendence and abundance, and self-fulfilling prophecy. Bravo.


It is a pleasure to write to you through this social media . I’m doing master I cardiology at the Dalian Medical University / Liaoning Province / China . I’m really interested in electrophysiology and I become your one of your followers on YouTube since six month . I still have more to learn in electrophysiology but I can says that my nightmares become to disappear since the day i watched your lecture on ” SVT ” . My aim is to become your fellow. How can I realize it ? I want to make a training in your center , here in china we don’t have more chance to practice because of lack of lab


very helpful presentation , as master fellows of EP in Dalian /china we hope that we can easily understand what is done in interventionnal cardiology Generally in cath lab.


Great talk Dr. Kneller! First time I’ve heard a heart specialist cover up to date appropriate lifestyle and diet recommendations! I’ve had Familial AFib for 40 yrs. and have studied it on and off for that length of time but no luck yet getting rid of it but you motivated me to try higher doses of my supplements and remain diligent with my exercise regimen!

Dennis Fink



You are a perfect example of fitness and health, and have learned about nutrition and exercise and sunlight and pure air being essential to our good health. I wish there were more doctors like you Dr Kneller


Dr. Kneller, I wanted to thank you for the list of vitamins recommended in my husbands care.  My husband Everett Knudson had a cardiac arrest and stroke and severe heart failure.  Your recommendation made a real difference in progress of recovery.  He is now able to function better and has given him better quality of life.  Thanks so much for suggesting these changes.  The D ribose especially made a huge difference.  Sincerely Barbara Knudson


That was excellent Jim…great info and really well presented. (Would be very interested to hear your thoughts/opinions on vit K2 with osteocalcin/mgp protein activation and if you buy into that idea of calcium transport management and how it relates to cvd? Anyways, I’ve always been amazed over the past 18 years of treating pts at how different densities there are with dentin/enamel preparation on people with varying diets. Certainly we’ve been amiss (I guess??) in recommending calcium supplementation in the past couple decades as it’s been shown to cause higher mortality rates due to cardiovascular disease with only moderate improvement in bone fracture rates long term. Anyways, enjoyed the info…


Dr. Kneller, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world. I was at the Hope camp meeting and went to all of your lectures and have them on dvds, and I loan them to others and pray that they will be blessed as I have. Our health is our only true wealth, and it’s never too late to turn it around. I appreciate the post’s that you share. Thank you.


“Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You [Dr. Kneller] did a fantastic job and helped her out a great deal.”


A year ago today… I was given the gift of living a life without heart disturbances, I’ll always need a pacemaker but I’ve honestly never felt better. This nightmare started a decade ago and 10 surgeries later I’ve reached my destination that I thought was unattainable. Thank you to all my friends and family for always being there, couldn’t of made through all of this without each and every one of you. A huge thank you to Dr. James Kneller.


Your thyroid blog is right on. My TSH was 246 in spring 2015. Came down from 246 to 39 with Synthroid in 2 months. Now 2.14. My CK levels could have been elevated because my thyroid wasn’t functioning. Once thyroid got better, CK levels went significantly down from 825 to 81. Enjoy your week.

Read our blog about Hypothyroidism HERE


Your 58 minute YouTube video was great. Very informative. It was a great learning experience & helped with my anxiety going into the procedure. Thank you




Dr Kneller is an amazing physician. I am a physically fit person with no outward sounds of ill health. However, I have suffered from a condition which made it very difficult for me to exercise effectively without running short of breath for a number of years. I had visited lung and heart specialists over the years and tried many treatments from asthma medications to heart surgeries to try to alleviate my condition. After consulting with Dr. Kneller, he suspected that I might have bradycardia and he was able to confirm his suspicion after I wore a halter for a couple of weeks. He recommended a pacemaker and explained that there have been significant advances in the field and technology of the devices and was confidant that the could help me. He did the surgery to install the pacemaker in December and I immediately felt a difference in mental alertness and energy level. On Saturday I worked out for the first time since the surgery, and am thrilled with the difference the pacemaker made as I was exercising. The surgery itself was quick and uncomplicated and the service from Kadlec was excellent. Dr. Kneller is a physician that truly cares about his patients and is very active in the aftercare. He has been genuinely interested in my post surgery progress and has been available to me at all times when I have had questions. The science has changed a lot over the years and the pacemaker that I have is state of the art and fully programable with a short visit to the office. I am very grateful that I found Dr. Kneller and am eternally grateful for the difference I am feeling in my life as a result of the surgery. I would be happy to be a reference for anyone considering this surgery and would happily answer questions based on my experience.
Thank you


The best cardiologist (EP). Incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to make the best decision for each individual. Changed my life in the best way possible.


Dear Dr. Kneller & Staff, thank you for taking such good care of Ryan and getting his defibrillator changed scheduled so quickly.

Leah and Ryan.

Dear Dr. Kneller & Joe, Thank you both for the wonderful care – the time you spent talking to me – support me & making me feel like I was your “only” patient. Just two small words to express so much gratitude. I am doing great. No Palpitations – Tachycardia. Very rare PVC & i have definitely had what would be the “triggers”. Off Beta Blockers!! Again thank you & thank God for you & your Skill.


Dear Dr. Kneller, thank you so very much for all you have done for Eric in the past year. You are a credit to your profession and we feel blessed indeed to have had your care. All the best in the new year! Love

Aleshia and Eric.

Aloha Dr. Kneller, Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for everything you did for Rick and I, he is feeling so MUCH BETTER after his Pace Maker!!! Have a wonderful Christmas, the world needs more Fantastic surgeons like YOU!!! Thanks again for saving Rick’s life, again! Love,

Rick and Cynthia

Dear Dr. Kneller, from the moment I met you, I had great confidence in your expertise. You did not disappoint me. I am feeling great am feeling great and did not realize how much the arrhythmia was affecting me. Thank you very much for your great treatment and care. Respectfully,


To Dr. Kneller and Staff: Thank you so much for all you have done for John and I. The world needs more wonderful people like you in it! John is feeling so much better this year! Love

John and Lisa

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