Your Diet and the Spread of Cancer

Most of the topics I discuss here relate to different aspects of heart health. But as we have realized, what you do to help your heart helps the rest of your body as well. A most recent study has added still more evidence that the food you eat affects how your body functions;this current study looked at specifically how your diet relates to the growth and spread of cancer.

Easy cheesy

As I’ve said before, I love cake. It’s hard for me to resist a piece. Researchers at the University of Michigan did a study on what foods are the hardest to resist – cake, itself, wasn’t on the list – but chocolate was, it tied with chips for #2 and #3. And what was #1; the most difficult food to resist? Pizza.

Brown Fat – What is That?

Most of us pack a few extra pounds. And a lot of us pack a lot extra! But no one actually wants to be fat; we all know that the pounds we carry can eventually lead to arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. There are different kinds of fat — brown, visceral, and white. And one of these kinds of fat, you actually want more of.