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One Of The Most Exclusive Health Programs In North America

This is a full scale health and wellness program built specifically for you by one of the top medical minds in the world.  Increase not only life longevity, but the quality of those years as well.

Why is exclusive better?

Concierge Health Consulting

Dr. James Kneller has a set capacity of 10 clients per year.  He wants to ensure each client has the full and proper attention in order to achieve optimal results.  If your health truly is the most important thing to you, then book a free consulting call and see if you are the right fit for Dr. Kneller’s exclusive program.

Program Launched in 2020

What is Concierge Medicine?

Doctors are obligated to provide the “standard of care” for your medical problems, with no mandate to maximize your health in every way possible. Patients are left to educate themselves
about healthy living, with little guidance on the use of alternative therapies or supplements due to “lack of evidence.” Many patients are unsatisfied with the medical care they receive. Doctors and
other health professionals appear disinterested. Specialists don’t seem to care about issues outside their area of expertise. Communication between doctors is often fragmented and synthesis is lacking. The greater goal of optimal health and wellness is an afterthought at best.

Discerning individuals wish to experience optimal health and peak personal performance. They wish for a customized approach to their health, with congruence between their medical care, health
routines and lifestyle, and use of alternative therapies. Personal health and wellness consultation with JamesKnellerMD seeks to bridge such gaps and address these unmet needs

Client Results

Heart Health
Brain Health & Cognitive Performance
Everyday Energy
Better Sleep
Sexual Performance
Healthy Weight Loss
Look & Feel Younger
Why is traditional health care not enough?

What makes this Better?

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patients on average

The average doctor shares over 2000 patients… The reason Dr. Knellers program is so exclusive is to avoid the mismanagement of any client he works with.

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Professional Limitations

Majority of medical experts do not like to go beyond their one area of expertise.  Dr. Kneller looks at health in a holistic way.  9 key areas of health make up Dr. Knellers program

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Proper Analysis

A thorough analysis of each client is crucial in order to determine what is best for THEM.  Dr. Kneller follows his 7 steps to ensure his knowledge and understanding of each client is thorough

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Publications & Citations

Who are you taking your advice from?  Is it the internet where it is impossible to tell fact from fiction?  Or is it someone who may not be properly qualified to advise you about health?

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