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Why is exclusive better?

One Of The Most Exclusive Health Programs In North America



Dr. Kneller puts together a regimen that is right for you.

Programs include but are not limited to;

Including sleep, exercise, diet, and other health practices, with suggested improvements and assistance with implementing changes.

Including home water and air quality, toxic exposures with suggested improvements and assistance with implementing changes.

Personal needs inventory, including complaints such as low energy, poor concentration and memory, arthritis pain, poor balance, poor appetite, constipation or incontinence, depression and anxiety, with suggested improvements and assistance with implementing changes.



Traditional health care struggles to account for the many variables that impact our health. So many patients wish for a more considerate approach to their care, addressing their cultural, lifestyle/behavioral, and professional needs. Such careful attention to detail is what makes Kneller’s programs so effective.



We’ve all done it.  

Planned on sticking to a training program or diet or health regimen that you know is right for you, but over time the dedication fades and the consistency lacks.

Dr. James Kneller is always there to encourage and inspire you, while tracking your progress to hold you accountable to guarantee your success.

Are you ready to optimize your health?

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patients on average

The average doctor shares over 2000 patients… The reason Dr. Knellers program is so exclusive is to avoid the mismanagement of any client he works with.

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Professional Limitations

Majority of medical experts do not like to go beyond their one area of expertise.  Dr. Kneller looks at health in a holistic way.  9 key areas of health make up Dr. Knellers program

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Proper Analysis

A thorough analysis of each client is crucial in order to determine what is best for THEM.  Dr. Kneller follows his 7 steps to ensure his knowledge and understanding of each client is thorough

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Publications & Citations

Who are you taking your advice from?  Is it the internet where it is impossible to tell fact from fiction?  Or is it someone who may not be properly qualified to advise you about health?

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How Important Is Your Health?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal health consultant?

As your health coach, Dr. Kneller may not be your personal physician. You are encouraged to continue routine care with the established physicians. In the role of coach, Dr. Kneller acts as an independent fiduciary, providing advice and guidance in light of your health history, regular medications, and unmet needs.

What does a health consultant do?

Dr. Kneller is passionate about personal development and peak performance! As a personal health coach, Dr. Kneller may examine your health records and prescriptions, reviewing the appropriateness of your care while identifying your unmet needs. You are presented with a comprehensive program to achieve health and wellness, that accounts for diet and exercise, customized supplements, hormone replacement, frequency and field therapies.

Why should you have a personal health consultant?

Traditional healthcare focuses on your illnesses and chronic conditions, or risk of developing such conditions. A personal consultant helps to address each need more effectively, while creating a pathway from medical necessity to optimal health, quality of life, and longevity.

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