Supplements for heart health

There’s no doubt that a healthy diet is essential for optimal heart health. But there are also a number of factors that make nutritional supplementation an important part of maintaining a healthy body and cardiovascular system. Consider these four:

Brown Fat – What is That?

Most of us pack a few extra pounds. And a lot of us pack a lot extra! But no one actually wants to be fat; we all know that the pounds we carry can eventually lead to arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. There are different kinds of fat — brown, visceral, and white. And one of these kinds of fat, you actually want more of.

How Much Is Too Much Soda Pop

Are you drinking too much soda pop? If you have had any today, yesterday, in the past week, the answer to that question is “yes”.

Depression And Heart Health

As a physician I see patients in all stages of their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Some people look for the positive, are eager to begin treatment, and anticipate an improved quality of life. Others dwell on the negative.

Take Care of Your Mouth, Protect Your Heart

“Oh, can I have a root canal?” said no one, ever. I’m not a complainer by nature, but dental work can be tough to take! I have had two great dentists in my life; the first while I was a teenager, the one I made sure to get an appointment with when I was home […]

Vitamin K2, the Nitty Gritty

A week ago I was lamenting missing the final days of the snowboard season. I had to keep my hand in a splint for a week to facilitate recovery after surgery to repair a broken bone. By next week I should be back to normal but for now I’m thinking about how to strengthen my bones.

You Are Not a Neanderthal – Paleo Diet

Must lose weight… Must get healthy… Does this mantra run through your head? We’re entering March and my New Year’s Resolutions are long forgotten. Like many of my friends who are over 40, does the battle of the bulge shows no sign of turning in your favour? Do you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol?

Weekend Warriors

As we all know, exercise is essential for your body, health, and heart. The best way to increase your level of exercise and receive